2016 Winners

In 2016, the annual One World Media Awards moved into its 28th year, taking place for the second time at BAFTA and hosted by Sky News presenter Alex Crawford. Chairman John Willis kicked off the evening by introducing a video showcasing One World Media’s work in training the next generation of journalists and filmmakers.

Journalist of the Year Award

WINNER Erika Solomon – Financial Times

Gabriel Gatehouse – BBC Newsnight for BBC Two

Patrick Kingsley – The Guardian

Feature Documentary Award

Sponsored by Bertha Foundation

Bertha Foundation

WINNER Tell Spring Not to Come This Year – Dir. Saeed Taji Farouky and Michael McEvoy, Ponda

Chameleon – Dir. Ryan Mullins, Eye Steel Film

Elephant’s Dream – Dir. Kristof Bilsen, Associate Directors/Limerick Films/Roast Beef Productions

New Voice Award

WINNER Sune Engel Rasmussen – Freelance

Hamza Mohamed – Al Jazeera English

Mirren Gidda – Newsweek Europe Magazine

Television Documentary Award

Sponsored by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

European Bank

WINNER Outbreak: The Truth About Ebola – Mongoose Pictures/Quicksilver Media for BBC2

Escape from ISIS – ITN Productions/Ronachan Films for Channel 4

People Smuggler: World’s Most Wanted – Sky News

Radio Award

WINNER A New Life in Europe: The Dhnie Family – BBC Radio 4

Children on the Front Line – BBC Radio 4

File on 4: The Cost of a Cuppa – BBC

Corruption Reporting Award

Sponsored by Transparency International

Transparency International

WINNER Brazil vs Sleaze – BBC World Service & BBC Radio 4

Justice! – Insight TWI for Al Jazeera English

Wukan Votes – Lianain Films for Al Jazeera English

Print Award

WINNER Syria’s Truth Smugglers – Julian Borger for The Guardian

Midnight Marauders – Aman Sethi for Foreign Policy

The Road to Germany: $2400 – Alia Malek for Foreign Policy

Digital Media Award

Sponsored by Google


WINNER Mekong: A River Rising – The Guardian

Drowning Megacities – Journalistbureauet TANK for Al Jazeera English

Life on Hold – Al Jazeera English & KNGFU

News Award

WINNER From Syria to Safety – Sky News

Libya Detention Centre – Sky News

BBC Newsnight: Yemen, The Forgotten War – BBC Two

Refugee Reporting Award

Sponsored by British Red Cross

British Red Cross

WINNER Thousands Flee Isolated Eritrea To Escape Life Of Conscription and Poverty – The Wall Street Journal

Between Borders: American Migration Crisis – New York Times

Calais migrants: Life in the Jungle – The Guardian

Student Award

WINNER Limpiadores – Fernando Mitjáns, University College London

Being Unbound – Anna Wistreich, Goldsmiths University of London

You Can’t Hide From the Truth – A.a.V. Amasi, National Film and Television School

Women’s Rights in Africa Award

Sponsored by African Development Bank

African Development Fund

WINNER On Assignment: Vicky’s Story – ITN for ITV

Meet The Two People Risking Everything To End This Crime Against Women – Jina Moore for BuzzFeed News

My Nigeria – Sandra Aguebor: Lady Mechanic – Big World Cinema for Al Jazeera English

Popular Features Award

WINNER The Tribe – Episode 3 – Renegade Pictures for Channel 4

Life on Hold – Al Jazeera English & KNGFU

Mumbai High: The Musical – Century Films for BBC4

Short Film Award

WINNER El Salvador: ‘I had a miscarriage. The judge accused me of murder’ – The Guardian

Big Game, Big Money – FT.com

Unreported World: 40 Years to Find My Family – Quicksilver Media for Channel 4

Special Award

WINNER Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently – based in Syria

Center for Investigative Journalism of Moldova (CIJM) – based in Moldova

Nómada.gt – based in Guatemala