Global Short Docs:

Towards Solutions

As part of GSDF Labs, we curated a global selection of solution oriented short documentaries, featuring stories of people responding to social problems.

These powerful documentaries tackle a range of topics from cyberbullying to the climate crisis, including insightful responses to various forms of violence. Watch these shorts to explore different forms of storytelling and to spot pillars of solutions journalism: what’s covered, what’s missing, how could it be shown differently?

We hope these films inspire you to develop more projects that turn the lens on responses, with evidence and context.


“Na Ponta dos Pes” (On Tiptoes) is a ballet project in the Alemão favela complex in Rio de Janeiro, created by Tuany Nascimento – a 23-year-old dancer who represented Brazil at international events during a flourishing career that was abruptly cut short. The setback strengthened Tuany’s determination to help troubled communities through dance.

This Emmy nominated Guardian Seascape film follows an overcrowded ship with asylum seekers that leaves Libya bound for Europe – triggering a high-stakes showdown between a Doctors Without Borders vessel wanting to escort it to safety and the Libyan Coast Guard fighting to turn it back.

Bullying is no longer confined to school playgrounds and workplaces. Concerned about her kids growing up in Kenya’s toxic cyberspace, banker-by-day Marjoline decides to launch an online kindness campaign.

When COVID hit Mexico City, many trans women surviving on sex work were left with no work and no home. Some found sanctuary at Casa Hogar Paola Buenrostro, the country’s first shelter built for and run by former trans sex workers.

A Place to Play for Children of All Abilities

What happens when children of all different abilities get to play with each other? The New York Times takes you inside a first-of-its-kind ultra accessible water park, which is changing the way families spend time together.

Anand Malligavad is an engineer-turned-water conservationist. He is on a herculean mission to clean up his city’s lakes. But demanding supporters, angry locals and a derelict temple stand in his way.