Announcing the Women Entrepreneurs Reporting Award

As part of a very special anniversary year, we’re proud to announce our collaboration with the World Bank to launch a new Award category in 2018 – the Women Entrepreneurs Reporting Award, sponsored by We-Fi, the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative housed at the World Bank.

This Award is for media, including broadcast, digital, film or print, that explores women’s entrepreneurship in developing countries. Reporting can showcase stories of successful female entrepreneurs, the challenges women face in trying to grow their businesses, and/or the critical role that women entrepreneurs play in economic development by boosting growth and creating jobs.

About We-Fi:

Women-owned SMEs face significant hurdles to starting and growing their businesses. Women-owned entities represent just over 30 percent of formal, registered small and medium enterprises (SMEs) worldwide and in developing countries, they face significant challenges. They are often shut out by financial institutions and constrained by unfavorable business and regulatory environments, lack of networks, knowledge, and access to high value markets. Formal women-owned SMEs in developing countries face an estimated $1.4 trillion annual credit deficit. The Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-Fi) aims to tackle these challenges and help women-owned/led SMEs in developing countries gain access to finance, markets, and networks necessary to start and grow a business, as well as help governments strengthen the enabling environment.


The One World Media Awards are now open for entries, and the 30th annual Awards ceremony will take place in London in June.




With thanks to our Sponsors, without whom the 30th One World Media Awards would not be possible.