Awards Spotlight Series – Earthrise: Jordan’s Water Wise Women

Presenter Amani Zain practising alongside water wise women trainees – credit Anthony Barwell


In a world of seemingly never-ending hostility and division, journalists and filmmakers who dedicate their careers to telling stories that highlight our common humanity and break down prejudices have never been more important.

The One World Media Awards champion this crucial work, celebrating the best media coverage of developing countries across print, film, television, radio, audio and digital.

This spotlight series will highlight some of the industry’s best examples of media that bridges the divide between cultures worldwide and raises awareness of underreported stories.


One World Media Women’s Entrepreneur Reporting Award Winner 2018

Jordan has been in the midst of ongoing drought, putting pressure on the country’s quickly depleting water reserves. Alarmingly, almost half of the water distributed to homes across the country is lost through illegal wells and faulty pipes. According to the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, it is estimated that by 2025 Jordan’s water needs will exceed its resources by more than 26 percent.

There is one initiative, however, that is tackling the problem head on. Earthrise visits Jordan’s Water Wise Women, a programme that puts women at the heart of efforts to combat water scarcity by training local women to be plumbers. These empowered women are not only challenging stereotypes but also dealing with leakages in their communities and implementing a range of water management techniques.

Jordan’s Water Wise Women was broadcast on Earthrise, Al Jazeera’s award-winning environmental show exploring the most significant threats to our planet by highlighting eco-friendly solutions from around the world.

“At Earthrise we focus on stories about people and initiatives that are making a positive difference to the world around them. So it’s very exciting to have won the first ever OWM Women Entrepreneurs Reporting Award with a film that’s about a double whammy of a solution, showing us how women plumbers in Jordan are not only empowering themselves but are also at the forefront of tackling the country’s water shortage crisis. 

The world needs hope, inspiration and cross-cultural understanding now more than ever before and it’s fantastic that the One World Media Awards are here to recognise and celebrate that.”

Amanda Burrell – Earthrise Executive Producer

Amanda Burrell accepting the One World Media Women’s Entrepreneur Reporting Award 2018 on behalf of

Jordan’s Water Wise Women was produced by Grain Media for Al Jazeera, and was awarded the One World Media Women’s Entrepreneur Reporting Award in 2018.

The award’s jury was chaired by Victoria Bridges, Documentary Filmmaker and Executive Director of GlobalGirl Media UK. Victoria commented on the importance of celebrating stories from developing countries that focus on female empowerment, as these are voices that are rarely seen in mainstream media.

“I think we were all looking for an underreported story that was told with originality and flair. A story that we felt would have an impact on the broader audience, and would create change of some sort.

Our winning choice showcases women in Jordan thriving in the male-dominated profession of plumbing. By shedding light on this hidden world, as well as on the larger, underreported issue of Jordan’s water shortages, the film has relevance locally, regionally and globally.

The film is creatively shot and edited, and it successfully balances fact with entertainment. The presenter, Amina Zain, is engaging and gives a sense of real involvement in the story.The empowerment of the women comes through strongly, via a variety of voices, and has the potential to inspire women everywhere.

Victoria Bridges

Watch Earthrise: Jordan’s Water Wise Women


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