Awards Spotlight Series – Exodus: Our Journey Continues

Latif and daughter Arzu standing infront of Malakasa camp fence – Photographer Elham Ehsas


In a world of seemingly never-ending hostility and division, journalists and filmmakers who dedicate their careers to telling stories that highlight our common humanity and break down prejudices have never been more important.

The One World Media Awards champion this crucial work, celebrating the best media coverage of developing countries across print, film, television, radio, audio and digital.

This spotlight series will highlight some of the industry’s best examples of media that bridges the divide between cultures worldwide and raises awareness of underreported stories.


One World Media Television Documentary Award Winner 2018

Shot over three years, and in 31 countries, the multi-award winning Exodus series continues to document the journeys of migrants and refugees attempting to start a new life in Europe.

In a camp in Greece, Nazifa and Latif are trying to get enough money to pay a smuggler to take their family to Germany, but they can only afford to send one of them. Nazifa is six months pregnant, and they hope that if she goes, and the baby is born in Germany, their chances of being given asylum will be greater, but it means leaving her two small children and husband behind.

Meanwhile, already in Germany, Isra’a and her family are settling in to their new lives, having fled from Syria in 2015. But the Europe that welcomed them has changed. The politics of the far right is gaining momentum, and it is more difficult than ever for migrants and refugees to cross international borders.

In Morocco, Mussa has already travelled 4000 miles from Guinea. Now there is only one more obstacle to overcome: a six-metre-high fence that separates Morocco from the Spanish enclave of Ceuta.


Armin and mother Nazifa on a train in Greece – Photographer Elham Ehsas


The series was directed by Emmy and Bafta-Award winning director James Bluemel, for KEO Films. For this project, James worked with Hassan Akkad, who he first met whilst filming the previous series of Exodus. Hassan was an English teacher fleeing Damascus when James met him in the refugee camps at Calais, and he went on to collaborate as a subject and filmmaker on the Exodus series.

“Exodus: Our Journey Continues was a challenging series to make, not just because of the dire situations so many of our contributors found themselves in – although this was often shocking and upsetting – but more it was the knowledge that many people across Europe had lost interest in this story.

Between making the first series of Exodus and the second, I felt that the focus of many had shifted away from the deteriorating situation of refugees and been replaced with a perceptible attitude of wilful ignorance at best and open hostility at worst.

For One World Media to recognise Exodus for the second year running, is on a personal level incredibly special, and for the refugees, where attention to their plight remains incredibly needed, a powerful statement.”

James Bluemel – Exodus Series Director & Television Documentary Award Winner 2018

James Bluemel and Gus Palmer (Keo Films), with award presenter Jonathan Charles, Head of Communications at EBRD


Exodus: Our Journey Continues, was awarded the One World Media Television Documentary Award 2018, after Exodus: Our Journey to Europe won the same award in 2017. This award, sponsored by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, celebrates programmes broadcast on television or online, that deal with stories, topics or issues in, about or related to the developing world.

“We champion journalism because we believe that change often happens in societies because journalists report on what is going on. They are drivers of change.”

Jonathan Charles – Head of Communications, EBRD

The jury commented on the wide variety and extremely high calibre of nominees in this category, and noted the importance of celebrating projects that give a voice to communities rarely heard in mainstream media.

“In choosing the winner, one of the most important aspects for us was the authenticity of the voice of the people who were featured in the film. It was the crucial thing that really swung it for us, because we don’t see enough of that on our screens.

This is the kind of film that we need to see a lot more of if we are really going to understand what is going on in the world today.”

Alison Rooper – Executive Producer, In Focus Productions and Chair, One World Media Television Documentary Award 2018

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Across 15 categories including print, film, television, radio, audio and digital, the One World Media Awards celebrate the best media coverage of developing countries, reflecting the social, political and cultural life of people around the globe.

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