Awards Spotlight Series – The Other Side of the Wall

Ale talks to camera in The Other Side of the Wall directed by Pau Ortiz for Intactes. Photo credit: María Nova López


In a world of seemingly never-ending hostility and division, journalists and filmmakers who dedicate their careers to telling stories that highlight our common humanity and break down prejudices have never been more important.

The One World Media Awards champion this crucial work, celebrating the best media coverage of developing countries across print, film, television, radio, audio and digital.

This spotlight series will highlight some of the industry’s best examples of media that bridges the divide between cultures worldwide and raises awareness of underreported stories.


One World Media Feature Documentary Award Winner, 2018

The Other Side of the Wall is not only a film about migration and social exclusion – that is required viewing in the era of Trump – it is also a universal story, movingly told, about family and the importance of belief in times of enormous difficulty.

In an intimately told story, young Hondurans Ale and Rocio’s relationship faces the greatest challenge possible when their mother is imprisoned under dubious charges. Neither of them have a father, so they must act as parents to their two younger siblings. Initially they promise to help each other and keep their family together until their mother is released, but as undocumented Honduran immigrants their right to live, work and study in Mexico was already under threat. Soon the prison wall that keeps their mother away gives rise to other emotional barriers that prevent the brother and sister from understanding each other.

“This is a very special award for us in the way that it not only recognises the film itself, but also recognises the wider impact, it recognises our commitment as storytellers and most of all it recognises the bravery of our protagonist.”

María Nova López – Producer and Director of Photography, The Other Side of the Wall


María Nova López (Intactes), with award presenter Sparkle Marple, Program Officer for Strategic Impact at Bertha Foundation


Directed by Pau Ortiz and produced by María Nova López for Intactes Production, The Other Side of the Wall was awarded the One World Media Feature Documentary Award in 2018. Sponsored by Bertha Foundation, this award celebrates feature-length documentary film that deals with stories, topics or issues in, about or related to the developing world.

“We are proud to be sponsoring the Feature Documentary Award. We believe non fiction films that tackle social issues have the ability to open people’s eyes to unreported issues, and to engender empathy. They assist with creating a public record on people, issues and key historical moments and can propel people to act.

Art has always been a common denominator for people, a way for people to meet each other, to see another perspective. And right now, in so many countries, perspectives are divided. Creative storytelling is a way for people to take a more human look at the world outside their own backyard – which makes this work we support even more vital.”

Sparkle Marple – Program Officer for Strategic Impact, Bertha Foundation

The Other Side of the Wall has already effected positive change for the family itself and has demonstrated – in screenings to politicians and the public – that it has the capacity to change minds and public opinion.

In a group of very strong films, The Other Side of the Wall is an outstanding and gripping insight into the realities of undocumented migration and family rupture. In an intimately told story, beautifully filmed and edited, the two central characters Ale and Rocio are mesmerising. Their warmth, humanity and mutual love shine through, and their extraordinary resilience in an extraordinarily difficult situation destroys stereotypes of “illegal migrants” at a stroke.”

Feature Documentary Award Jury 

Watch – The Other Side of the Wall


Across 15 categories including print, film, television, radio, audio and digital, the One World Media Awards celebrate the best media coverage of developing countries, reflecting the social, political and cultural life of people around the globe.

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