Bertha Dochouse Screening

Bertha DocHouse Screening: Fresh Eyes on the World

On Monday 13 February 2017 we hosted a screening of short documentaries at the Bertha DocHouse in Curzon Bloomsbury. The Fresh Eyes on the World line-up included five short films directed and filmed by our Production Fund grantees. The screening was followed by a Q & A with three of the featured filmmakers – Olivia Crellin, Jade Jackman and Simisola Jolaoso. The filmmakers discussed a variety of topics including access while filming and the experience of making their first documentary.

The Documentaries:

Running from Ethiopia: The Oromo Exodus – Tristan Martin
Running from Ethiopia tells the story of Muaz, a student who fled Ethiopia after being detained and tortured by security forces, and Jawar, who runs a popular Oromo TV channel from exile in Minneapolis. Jawar’s channel closely followed Muaz as he made the treacherous journey to Europe, only to be caught in one of the deadliest migrant shipwrecks of 2016.

Malawi gold – Alice McCool
‘Malawi Gold’ is known as one of the finest cannabis strains on the planet. But can it transform the economy of this small south-eastern African nation? This film follows Boniface Kadzamira, an independent MP fighting for the legalisation of non-psychoactive industrial hemp, and Ras Bongo Maseko, a Rastafarian priest, musician and long-time marijuana advocate.

Sununu: The Revolution of Love – Olivia Crellin
This documentary explores whether LGBTQ rights have improved in Ecuador, through the story of transgender parents Diane Rodriguez ­ and Fernando Machado. It is soon to be broadcast on BBC’s Our World.

Forensic Nurses: Fighting Sex Crimes in South Africa – Simisola Jolaoso
This self-shot, self-edited film focuses on the emotional, demanding and often unrecognised work that forensic nurses do in assisting rape victims and helping fight sex crimes. The documentary follows two forensic nurses as they reflect on some of the challenging moments and discuss why so many of them consider leaving the field.

Ojos Que Sienten – Jade Jackman
This is a collaborative film that follows blind photographers in Mexico City, and endeavours to share the world from their perspective. It demonstrates how people can readjust their lives to see beyond what their vision allows.

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Date: Mon 13 February 2017