Building a Global Short Documentary Community in 2020

Over two days at the Global Short Docs Forum, commissioners will meet 12 filmmakers with incredible stories, who care passionately about short docs.

We hope some of the films will peak their interest and get a commission. But the Forum is about more than pitching a single doc, it’s about nurturing and sustaining a global short documentary filmmaking community.

The Forum started three years ago out of a love of short docs and their growing potential to reach even more people online. Underlined in recent months as viewing figures during the pandemic have gone through the roof as we all seek new, short content.

On the face of it GSDF is a pitching forum. It’s about how we give filmmakers – wherever they are based – the opportunity to have their films commissioned and seen in front of a global audience.

The other crucial part of the Forum has always been the peer support. The connections the filmmakers make now that will continue to help them throughout their career.

The pandemic has really reinforced how important this nurturing and supportive role is for new talent. The part we play in giving them a network for advice and motivation has really come to the front of how we work.

We have seen this first-hand at the Forum the past two years in Kyiv and London. The Forum not only led to commissions, but also many new relationships. Between filmmakers and platforms and between the filmmakers themselves. They now have a new community of filmmakers that can share their questions, struggles and wins.

That sentiment of building community has not changed this year as we moved online. And in some ways it’s even more personal as we’ve spent four weeks together inside everyone’s homes.

The Forum is really just the start of new relationships for all of us. We cannot wait to see the creativity that results from it.


Gemma Bradshaw – Director, One World Media

Find out more about the Global Short Docs Forum here