Catch up on the year’s underreported stories


As we count down to the One World Media Awards 2019 it occurred to us that our longlisted entries present an excellent set of playlists to catch up on the past year of underreported stories.

Across our 15 award categories, these playlists represent some of the industry’s best media coverage of developing countries. Starting with our digital media, environmental reporting and refugee reporting categories, we are thrilled to highlight a selection of the hugely varied and incredible work longlisted for our One World Media Awards 2019.

Explore the playlists below, and take a deep dive into some of the year’s underreported stories…



Starting with our Digital Media Award Longlist, you’ll find a diverse mix of stories and approaches, but what connects all these pieces is how they are using creative and innovative digital techniques to present engaging and immersive stories.

Whether it’s investigations into hidden camps in China or the headquarters of the Venezuelan secret service, or personal stories on environmental stories from the oceans of Thailand or the islands of the Pacific Ocean, all of these stories are brought to life with an interactive digital approach.

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Next up is the stories from our Environmental Reporting Award Longlist. Here you’ll find a diverse mix of media that highlight underreported environmental stories from developing countries.

Together, you might think these stories about environmental disaster, pollution, climate change and endangered species are overwhelming.

But take a moment, and you’ll find articles and films turning issues into engaging and creative stories. And in many cases you will see people standing up to make change possible.

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For the past five years, One World Media has presented a dedicated Award for Refugee Reporting. In that time, there have been significant refugee crises across the world. It has become increasingly apparent that we need compelling stories on refugee and asylum-seeker issues that generate empathy, understanding and are reported on accurately and fairly.

Here are the longlisted entries for the One World Media Refugee Reporting Award 2019.

You’ll see there are often spikes of coverage at the moment of crisis, particularly in the past year in Venezuela and the Mexican border. But that’s not where the story ends. For many the impact continues long after they leave their home country.

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The One World Media Awards recognise the best media coverage of developing countries, reflecting the social, political and cultural life of people around the globe. After a record-breaking number of entries this year, we are thrilled to present our 15 category longlists. The finalists will be announced next week, and the final winners presented at the awards ceremony held at BAFTA on June 17.
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