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  • Q&A with Co-Founder and CEO of Outriders, Jakub Górnicki

    We had the opportunity to speak with Jakub Górnicki, co-founder and CEO of Outriders on our Instagram Live hosted by our 2021 award winner Marina Shupac about “What makes a great multimedia story”.

  • Q&A with OWM Fellow Hermine Virabian

    Q&A with our Fellow, Hermine Virabian

  • How to report on refugee communities with compassion: an Insta Live with journalist Nadja Drost

    In our last Insta Live, our alumni Mariam El Marakeshy (2020 Fellow) spoke with journalist Nadja Drost, who won our Refugee Reporting Award in 2021 for her story about migrants who travel the border between Colombia and Panama. Nadja is a Pulitzer-prize and Emmy-award winning journalist and documentary filmmaker based in New York.

  • OWM’s Acting Director on the annual Awards

    We’re proud to bring you another edition of our annual Awards. As we approach the entry deadline, Acting Director, Tor Bridges, reflects about why the Awards are important and why you should apply. 

  • The power of storytelling for environmental change

    Poppy Mason-Watts of the WaterBear Network, our partners for the Environmental Award category this year, explains what needs to change in the media industry for stories to have the most impact, expanding on the idea that spurs our work through the annual One World Media Awards of supporting journalism from, in and about the global south.

  • Carlotta sitting with her back to the camera with a group of women while reporting in the field

    Why we need to learn more from women and girls

    This year, we’re so proud to introduce the new Women’s Solutions Reporting Award in partnership with European Investment Bank. In this piece, Secretary General of EIB, Marjut Falkstedt, explains why an award of this kind is important. 

  • The director, Estevao Ciavatta

    Where to start when reporting a complex environmental story: an Insta Live with filmmaker Estevão Ciavatta

    We spoke with filmmaker Estevão Ciavatta, whose documentary, Amazon Undercover, won the One World Media Environmental Impact Award in 2021.

  • The One World Media Awards 2022 open today!

    We’re so excited to announce that the annual One World Media Awards are now live!

  • Three times in 2021 we were reminded why journalism is important

    As the world attempted a return to public life in 2021, major world events shaped collective thought and defined a global media narrative. This wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the brave and incredible work of journalists reporting from the farthest corners, the most dangerous and necessary places. We take a look at a few defining moments that reminded us why journalism is so important. 

  • Three people speaking together at an OWM Awards event. The person in the centre is facing the camera and two people on the side, a woman on the left and a man on the right, are not.

    One World Media in 2021

    This has been an eventful, exciting year at One World Media. Like everyone else, as we adapted to changes, we had lots of big wins as we continued to support filmmakers and journalists around the world to tell stories about the global south. At a time in history, when it is evident that quality journalism is so urgently needed, we are committed to bringing underreported stories and underrepresented people into mainstream media. 

  • Carlotta Dotto with her back to the camera reporting in Senegal. She is seated on the floor facing a group of local women.

    Reporting on women in tough contexts: an Insta Live with Carlotta Dotto

    We spoke with Carlotta Dotto during an Insta Live on 2 December 2021. Carlotta is a London-based journalist, a visual editor at CNN and a One World Media fellow. As part of her fellowship, Carlotta reported a multimedia story about rural women in Senegal who are using innovative farming practices to save land in their villages. This story was published by Al Jazeera English and won a One World Media Award in 2021 in the Women Entrepreneurs Reporting category. These are key takeaways from our conversation. 

  • How To Defend Media Freedom In Cyberspace

    On Tuesday November 2nd, 2021, One World Media hosted an event in collaboration with Al Jazeera and the Journalism Department at City, University of London in recognition of the International Day to End Impunity Against Journalists. We spoke with journalists and experts across the industry to discuss strategies for reporting safely in a world where technology exposes journalists to increased risks.