Celebrating 10 years at One World Media!

After 10 years at One World Media, Leanne Dmyterko shares her highlights.

After an incredible 10 years at One World Media, Leanne Dmyterko is moving on to a new role. Over her time here, Leanne has shaped the One World Media Awards into one of the industry’s most prestigious and exciting events, and she will be greatly missed!

As we recruit for our new Events and Partnerships Manager, we spoke to Leanne about her time managing our flagship event…

Q: What has been the biggest highlight over your 10 years producing the One World Media Awards?

The biggest highlight has been getting to meet so many amazing journalists and filmmakers from all over the world who work tirelessly to bring more accurate, balanced coverage of the wider world to people in the UK and around the globe. Being part of the Global Short Docs Forum in Kyiv in March was also an incredible highlight of my time here.

Q: Is there a specific lesson you have learned that will stay with you?

One of the most significant and impactful things I have learned is how to work with a vast number of people from different backgrounds, in different places. Over the course of a year, in preparation for the Awards, I deal with so many types of people in all corners of the world: from those entering their work to suppliers for the Awards, to printers, designers, production crew, VIPs, sponsors and partners, editors, filmmakers, technicians, av specialists, venue managers, caterers, trophy makers, Awards attendees…and more!

Q: How has One World Media changed since you first joined the team?

One World Media has changed in the sense that it has grown and new projects have emerged over the years. But throughout the past decade it has become even more relevant and its aims and work more important than ever.

Q: What has been the biggest challenge over your 10 years managing the One World Media Awards?

Coordinating the One World Media Awards is a year-long process, with each step in the cycle critically important to the next step. So the biggest challenge was to learn the process inside and out, so as to make it as efficient and successful as possible.

Q: What will you miss most about OWM?

I have always been so proud to be part of an organisation doing such critical work, so I will truly miss contributing to One World Media. And of course I will miss my wonderful colleagues!

We are recruiting for an Events and Partnerships Manager

An exciting opportunity for a passionate yet level-headed Events and Partnerships Manager to produce the prestigious One World Media Awards and our year-round events series for filmmakers and journalists.