Coronavirus beyond our borders

It feels like there is only one story at the moment. We’re all looking for more information and understanding about what is happening with the covid-19 pandemic on our doorstep.


Yet this is a global story like few others. We’re connected by a shared crisis that presents us all with new ways of living and seeing the world.

International stories that break down stereotypes, change the narrative and connect people from different cultures are still crucial. They will show us the potential solutions, the urgent needs and the surprising implications.

Like understanding Macau’s low rate of infection or the potential for peace during the pandemic.

We want to see more of them.

It also strikes me that while all of our attention is rightly on covid-19, there are other stories that risk going underreported. Whether it’s the environmental impact of deforestation or the refugee crisis, we still need filmmakers and journalists to tell their story.

In the coming months, there’s no doubt we’ll find new ways to tell these stories. Journalists and filmmakers will be vital to bring us information, awareness and action.

Here are some places to find reporting on the pandemic from a global perspective:

BBC News
Providing coronavirus pandemic live updates in many languages, including Hindi, Russian, Urdu and Arabic.


The New Humanitarian
On the ground coverage of humanitarian news, they have a dedicated strand to covid-19


Solutions Journalism Tracker
Closely following the journalism around the novel coronavirus and have amassed examples of reporting on responses to the global pandemic.


Thomson Reuters Foundation
Their reporting shows how coronavirus is impacting the lives of vulnerable people globally.



Gemma Bradshaw
Director, One World Media