OWM Presents: Fresh Perspectives

Thursday 3 October | 6.30PM

Join us for an evening celebrating our Fellows!

In partnership with Channel 4, we will be hosting a screening of select documentary shorts from our Fellows, followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers.

Following universal themes of identity, family and home, the films showcase a series of incredible untold stories from all over the world – from Senegal to the Philippines, Kenya to Azerbaijan.

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Charanpreet Khaira – Lola / Yaya

Lola / Yaya is a multi-media, interactive web-documentary portraying the human impact of labour migration from the Philippines to Italy. It comprises five videos, each of which must be viewed in context on the website, as well as photo galleries, maps, infographics, and text.  It displays the two sides of migration: the experience of those who move to alien countries and cultures for work, and the difficulties faced by the families they leave behind.

The first two short films, ‘Those Who Leave’ and ‘Those Left Behind’ introduce the issue from both sides – the migrants in Italy and their families in the Philippines. Three character portraits follow individuals’ stories to convey a different aspect of the social cost of this migration. Each of these three films has a webpage which allows users to learn more about the characters and the issues they represent through interactive media, encouraging participation through feedback loops.

Director: Charanpreet is a journalist at ITV News West Country in Bristol. She believes that journalism and documentary should be tools to empower marginalised groups to voice their issues with a platform that engages and inspires.

Duration: 20mins      Country: The Philippines & Italy


Helen Spooner & Hugh Davies – All Monsters are Human

In the wake of a vicious anti-LGBT government crackdown in Azerbaijan in September 2017, this documentary film follows the plight of three young LGBT Azeris fearing for their lives. On a journey from Istanbul to Baku, the filmmakers combine animation and video footage to reveal stories of extortion, torture and murder, and discover that for those who have managed to escape, persecution has followed them.

It’s a universal story of identity, survival and enduring love in a place that seeks to destroy it.

Director: Helen is an award-winning producer who has worked on documentaries for the BBC, Channel 4 and Al Jazeera on topics as diverse as terrorism, sexual slavery, corruption, porn and pedophilia. She was recently selected onto the BBC’s New Director Initiative.

Hugh Davies is a producer at the London-based documentary production company Insight TWI. He has worked on current affairs, observational, historical and investigative programmes for the BBC and Al Jazeera English.

Duration: 21mins      Country: Azerbaijan



Adrian & Alex Emanuel – Next Year In Touba

Next Year in Touba follows Khadim and Bara, two Senegalese migrants who have left their families and risked their lives crossing the Mediterranean to get to Spain, where they scrape together a living selling replica goods to tourists. With unique access, we are invited into their community as they struggle to get documents and funds to return home to Senegal for the ‘Grand Magal’, the biggest Muslim pilgrimage in the world, which attracts twice as many people as Mecca. With Islamophobia and anti-migrant sentiment reaching violent levels, this film will reveal the human face of a hidden community in Europe and will challenge preconceptions about Islam by highlighting the values of tolerance and pacifism that underwrite this kaleidoscopic religious spectacle.

Director: Adrian studied Social Anthropology at the University of Edinburgh, obtaining a first class honours MA in 2013. He has since worked across Africa as a journalist, and has made several short films for international NGOs.

Duration: 6mins (Trailer)      Country: Senegal



Gabriella Muasya – Hiraeth: Finding Home

Memory is what makes us who we are. In Nairobi, we meet poet and LGBTQ+ activist Immah on a journey finding her place in a society where British colonial-era laws criminalise same sex intimacy. We follow Immah back to her childhood home, as she seeks to heal and find belonging, confronting her past and reclaiming the present. At same time, Kenya is facing a ground-breaking choice – the colonial-era laws are being challenged in High Court. Both face a revision of the past in order to understand the present.

Director: Gabriella is a freelance multimedia storyteller and development researcher. Her curiosity lies within examining and telling stories related to topics of power, gender, migration and civic engagement.

Duration: 25mins      Country: Kenya


TIME: 6.30PM
DATE: 3 October 2019
LOCATION: Channel 4
Tickets: £7