Filmmaker Spotlight – Elena Horn


Each week throughout the call for submissions for Global Short Docs Forum 2019we will be celebrating one of the talented filmmakers who attended last year’s GSDF event.


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For our first #FilmmakerFriday we’re highlighting GSDF 2018 attendee, Elena Horn!


Elena is a filmmaker from Germany, currently working as a documentary filmmaker for SPIEGEL TV Wissen, arte, WDR, and BBC3. She is a Logan Non-Fiction Fellow in New York, and has been selected for a BBC Fresh Award for her short doc, ‘Generation in Transit’!


Elena was selected to attend last year’s GSDF event in London’s, Frontline Club.

“It’s so helpful to practice, practice to pitch your film to somebody who has never heard about it before, who doesn’t know the entire investment you have done in terms of time, in terms of love, in terms of concentration, all the frustration a film can bring to you. But he just sees this 2-minute trailer and needs to be convinced that it is a compelling story that is worthwhile telling. ”
– Elena Horn, GSDF Attendee


Elena was able to follow up on contacts she made at GSDF 2018 and subsequently received the Lush Film Fund for a short documentary she is about to produce in Turkey. The story is about two 14-year old Syrian twins who founded their own backyard school.


Follow Elena Horn’s work @ElenaHornFilm


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