Filmmaker Spotlight – Jason Hanasik

This week our Filmmaker Spotlight is on Jason Hanasik!


Jason is a filmmaker, artist, curator and journalist. His work has appeared in The Guardian, The Los Angeles Times, at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery, at various international film festivals and in visual art exhibitions worldwide.


Jason attended GSDF 2018 during the development of his short documentary about a man who was set on fire by his stepfather when he was six years old.


Following the Forum, Jason’s film was commissioned by The Guardian, and as a result of other contacts established during the one-to-one meetings at the Forum, a second project has been commissioned by BBC Arabic.


“One of the most exciting aspects of the Global Short Docs Forum was that One World Media managed to create a culture where it didn’t feel like we were in direct competition with each other. Unlike an experience where everyone is vying for a single award, single grant, or single commission, the GSDF opened up a multitude of opportunities for everyone present. This created an atmosphere where we shared resources during the forum and have continued to do so through a healthy WhatsApp group.” – Jason Hanasik at GSDF 2018



Follow Jason’s work here @JasonHanasik or view his website at


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