Five OWM Award winning stories about indigenous communities

To mark International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, we’re sharing five OWM Award winning stories from around the world. Learn about communities in the Amazon, India and Brazil, of how they cope with distinct challenges and often come up with creative responses. 


      • Estevao Ciavatta, Environmental Impact Reporting winner in 2021, wrote and directed, Amazon Undercover, a documentary about deforestation that has serious implications for indigenous communities in the region.


      • The Guardian’s The Return, which won OWM’s 2022 Environmental Impact Reporting Award, is the story of the Sarayaku community during the Covid-19 lockdown.


      • In 2023, Uýra: The Rising Forest won the Feature Documentary category, about a non-binary performance artist and ecologist living in Manaus, Brazil, who is marginalised as a queer and trans person.



      • Miriam Chandy Menacherry’s (GSDF 2020) heartwarming film is the story of an indigenous group in a forest in India, their relationship with nature, the local leopard and how they attempt to protect their home when threatened by a government transport expansion project. Miriam’s film won the short film category in 2023.


Miriam was the only OWM alumni to win an Award but several of our alumni were Longlisted in 2023. You can read a story about all their wonderful and important work here.