International Journalist of the Year Nominee Spotlight: Inna Lazareva

Inna Lazareva recording the sound of local musicians playing at the opening of the Nguon festival in Foumban, West Cameroon.


As we count down to the One World Media Awards 2019, we’ll be celebrating the incredible work of each of our three International Journalist of the Year Award nominees. Let’s begin with Inna Lazareva, African Correspondent for Thomson Reuters Foundation and other publications.


British journalist Inna Lazareva is nominated for one of the One World Media Awards’ most prestigious categories: The International Journalist of the Year Award. Based in Yaoundé, Cameroon, Inna has reported from all over the continent. In just this past year, she’s travelled to nine different countries in Africa—including South Sudan, Central African Republic, Cameroon’s Far North and Northern Uganda—whilst uncovering human rights abuses that are greatly underreported by the major global press outlets.


Specifically, Inna has investigated and unearthed human rights violations against women and girls. Her eight month-long investigation into breast ironing in Cameroon and the UK was picked up by media outlets across the world, and was addressed in Parliament.


As one of our jurors put it, Inna’s “careful investigations produce truly original and powerful stories.” Inna not only conveys the hard facts, but her reports also include a call-to-action.


Among Inna’s other strong investigative journalism pieces in Africa, she has covered girl brides in Central African Republic and Yemen and their initiatives to stop child marriage. She also reports on the #MeToo movement, women’s education and work opportunities, as well as climate change issues. With a diverse array of topics, Inna leaves no stone unturned in her in-depth reporting of issues across Africa.

Inna Lazareva interviewing young South Sudanese women working as health clinic trainees in a neighbourhood on the outskirts of Juba, South Sudan.


One World Media believes in the power of media to inform us, unite us, and spark change. Telling stories that are often unheard, exposing corruption that goes widely unnoticed; these are crucial to heightening overall global awareness and, in turn, progressing as one humanity. In this way, One World Media’s values align with Inna. Inna tells stories of the too often forgotten members of society—the abused, the downtrodden, the oppressed—and by doing so, she gives their story back to them. She recaptures the voice of a group of people who’ve long been deprived of one, or who’ve never had one to begin with.


At the heart of Inna’s storytelling is journalism at its finest, it both informs us and moves us to take action.


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The 2019 One World Media Award winners were announced at a ceremony at BAFTA on Monday 17 June. Hosted by Jon Snow, the 31st Annual Awards celebrated outstanding work from all media platforms and across a wide range of genres.