Introducing the One World Media Fellowship!

We’re always looking for a story that makes us sit up and see the world in a new way. Untold, and often unexpected stories, that make connections across cultures and break down prejudices…


A film following a young Iraqi woman obsessed with all things Korean; or a photojournalism piece that reveals violent clashes between the Ka’apor tribe and illegal loggers in Brazil.

Both of these stories came to One World Media as part of our fund for new talent – Arij Al Soltan and Helen Spooner respectively.

With some experience in the media industry, Arij and Helen were both looking for a springboard to the next step in their careers and to get their stories heard.

If we want to support this kind of strong and vibrant media coverage on developing countries, we have seen the importance of backing emerging filmmakers and journalists like Arij and Helen.

Storytellers that can bring a fresh perspective and new voice to international reporting.

With this in mind we’re delighted to announce the One World Media Fellowship for emerging filmmakers and journalists is now open for 2019 applications.

Formerly known as the Production Fund, the launch of this Fellowship recognises that our Production Fund was always more than a grant. Over the years it has outgrown its name, evolving into a year-round programme of mentoring, workshops and ongoing peer support for emerging filmmakers and journalists.

Fellows will receive a £1000 production grant, plus a dedicated programme that will enable them to complete their media project and set them on their career path.

We’re encouraging applications from all around the world, with three places reserved for international Fellows from and based in developing countries.

The One World Media Fellowship is designed to instil a culture of integrity and creativity in emerging filmmakers and journalists covering the developing world.

Whether Fellows are looking for their first director role or their first solo investigation in print, radio or multimedia, we are here to allow filmmakers and journalists to experiment and learn as they take this next step.

Gemma Bradshaw – Director of One World Media

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