OWM Presents: Fellowship Showcase 2023 + Q&A

Wednesday 8 March 2023 | 12pm (UTC)

Live Q&A: Thursday 9 March 2023 | 12pm UTC – Watch the recording here

Join us this International Women’s Day for an online screening by four of our talented female filmmakers curated from the One World Media Fellowship.

Our annual Fellowship is currently accepting applications so this is a great time to showcase stories from around the world that our alumni have produced.

In this selection, you’ll watch stories about an Iranian woman seeking justice for her executed husband in a war crimes trial in Stockholm, a behind the scenes view of traditional mas makers during Carnival season in Trinidad and Tobago, how a teacher in Malaysia helps prepare online-learning students to sit for high school exams in an under-resourced school, and a look into the world of a woman fighting against the Egyptian family law to return her son who was abducted by his father.

Register for the screening to watch the film programme from 12pm UTC Wednesday 8 March, available for 24 hours until the live Q&A with the filmmakers at 12pm UTC on Thursday 9 March.


Vida: Love, Hope and Justice in Exile

Directed by Maral Shafafy | 2022 

In August 2021, a trial began in Stockholm, accusing an Iranian national, Hamid Nouri of murder and war crimes. Nouri was an Assistant Prosecutor at Gohardasht Prison in 1988 in Iran, a year when thousands of prisoners were killed for their political beliefs. Among those killed was Vida Rostamalipour’s husband, Majid Ivani, and her brother Parviz, both political activists then in their twenties. Vida is a claimant in the trial for her husband Majid. She is preparing to testify. In this small window of opportunity, Vida deliberates how she can best articulate the impact of the loss of her loved ones. She speaks of her activism in Iran and how she still holds on to hope in the face of a regime who has faced almost no consequences over their abuse of human rights in the country. Will Nouri be found guilty? Will Vida finally get justice?

Director: Maral is a British-Iranian filmmaker and video journalist based in London. She works intimately with the people featured in her documentaries, to create compelling and vivid stories. She has a strong interest in social reality and her work is immensely concerned with asking questions about humanity and the dignity of human life. She is a graduate of MA TV Journalism from Goldsmiths, University of London and was the recipient of a BAFTA scholarship. She is the director of the film, ‘Vida’ and her most recent collaborations include, The Guardian.

Duration: 20 mins      Film location: Iran / Sweden

The Soul of a Teacher

Directed by Rahmah Pauzi

How does a veteran teacher help prepare the first batch of pandemic online-learning students to sit for the SPM exams (Malaysian Certificate of Education) in the under-resourced Perimbun Secondary School? Teacher Rusmiyana and other veteran teachers find strength to learn and teach virtually, and passionately overcome obstacles. This a film about hope and determination in an aging institution sidelined within Malaysian society.

Director: Rahmah is a Malaysian freelance video journalist, content strategist and a documentary filmmaker with an MA in News and Documentary from New York University. She’s done work for outlets such as PBS, Al Jazeera, Channel News Asia, and BFM Radio Kuala Lumpur. She is a Freedom Film Fest 2022 Grantee, One World Media 2021 Fellow, and an ASIADOC 2021 Storytelling Lab Filmmaker through her film, “The Soul of a Teacher.” Most of her works revolve around the themes of home, displacement, crossroads, and the intersection of the political and the personal.

Duration: 21 mins      Film location: Malaysia

Moko Jumbies | Mas Prep

Directed by Shari Petti

Moko Jumbies is a part of Mas Prep, a docu-series which features the behind the scenes of traditional mas makers and how they prepare for the Carnival season in Trinidad and Tobago. The series shows how they source material, the creation of costumes, rituals they perform before taking the stage, challenges, and additional unique aspects of their art form.

Director: Shari is a Trinidadian filmmaker, immensely passionate about her culture and all things cinematography. For more than 7 years, she has worked on numerous film productions in Trinidad, USA and the UAE. Her film Sorf Hair, which explores the natural hair experience in Trinidad and Tobago, has screened at several film festivals across the globe, including the Pan African Film Festival, and was nominated for and won several awards for best documentary short. She currently curates the platform “Scene” (@scenepresents) which produces contemporary Caribbean video and film content focused on youth culture. She has an MFA in Film Production from Florida State University under the Fulbright exchange scholarship.

Duration: 9 mins      Film location: Trinidad

Stolen by Law

Directed by Hanan Youssef

A dive into the world of an Egyptian village woman who is fighting against the challenges of Egyptian family law to return her son who was abducted by his father. The film sheds light on the deficiencies of the Egyptian family law that adds to the burdens of Egyptian women. It follows Doaa, a woman in her attempt to get back her son, who was stolen by her husband. The current Egyptian family law does not recognise the abduction of children by the fathers from the mothers’ custody.

Director: Hanan is an Egyptian independent documentary film producer/director and an academic who teaches at the faculty of Communication and Mass Media at the British University in Egypt. She’s a Chevening Alumna and holds an MA in Media Production: TV documentary production from the University of Salford, UK. Her documentary ‘The town the men left’ won BBC’s Best Short Documentary Film Award at BBC Arabic Festival, and her film ‘The Bread Winner’ won the Excellence Award at WRPN.tv Women’s International Film Festival. Hanan also produced and directed the documentary film ‘SOBEK’ for BBC Arabic. She’s a DW Constructive Journalism fellow and ambassador, and a One World Media alumna.

Duration: 15 mins      Film location: Egypt