Eve love in the Factories

Production Fund Showcase

Thursday 22 March | 6.30PM

We will be hosting a screening of select documentary shorts by our Production Fund grantees at Channel 4 on 22 March.

The films follow a series of untold stories from the wider world, including Sudanese inventors, young Iraqis infatuated with Korean culture, female empowerment in Brazil and LGBT garment factory workers in Cambodia. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers.


Breaking the silence - Julia Lemos Lima

Julia Lima – Breaking the Silence
One in every three Brazilian women has suffered some type of violence during their lives. Whether physical or psychological, abuse is more common than one would like to believe. But women are finally speaking up, reporting cases, and building networks of support and female empowerment. This film shows the journeys of three of them, who have decided to share their experiences in order to deal with their traumas and produce change, not only in their lives but also in the society that surrounds them.

Director:  Julia is a Brazilian filmmaker who has directed documentaries for VH1 and focuses her work on women’s issues. 


Lucy Provan – Sudan: Seeds of Inspiration
Hatem and Mohammed are two Sudanese inventors determined to stop the desert from swallowing up their country. They are obsessed with drones and robots and even though they are isolated by international sanctions and frustrated by a failing economy they succeed in building Sudan’s first robot farmer. They decide to take part in a local inventor’s television competition to raise awareness and investment in their dream – Sudan’s first and only agricultural drone company. Their drone can plant trees, increase harvests and reduce crop damage. And they are bound by their shared belief that Africa can change its destiny with technology.

Director: Lucy is a French and Arabic speaking self-shooting Producer Director who has worked on stories for the BBC and France 24.


Arij Al-Soltan – Korean Lovers in Baghdad
A young Iraqi woman’s obsession with all things Korean inspires her every move as she seeks to study in South Korea. Her mission is rife with challenges but she is not alone; a growing number of young Iraqis are looking to South Korea to re-imagine an alternative future for themselves, and for the country.

Director: Arij is a British-Iraqi producer and filmmaker whose work spans across documentary, fiction and corporate film.


Love in the Factories - Eve Watling

Eve Watling – Love in the Factories
In Cambodia, most parents expect their daughters to get married and have children, and as a result LGBT women are at risk of forced marriage and separation from their partners. For them, Phnom Penh’s garment factories have become a means to escape and gain economic independence; an accepting community has grown in the worker’s tenements. Yet although some women have found solace there, sometimes family pressure can reach even the factories…

Director: Eve is a freelance journalist previously based in Cambodia. She now lives in London and reports on arts and society.


TIME: Arrive at 6.15PM for a 6.30PM start
DATE: 22 March 2018
LOCATION: Channel 4
Tickets are £6, and there are very limited spaces available.
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