Q&A with commissioner Isabel Choat from The Guardian

Ahead of the Global Reporting Summit that starts this week and the session, Finding the Story: Meet the Commissioners, in London on 28 September, we asked Isabel Choat,  Commissioning Editor, Global Development, The Guardian of what the audience can expect to hear. 

What are you most looking forward to at the Summit?
I’m looking forward to discussing what ‘impactful’ journalism means; and why measuring our stories beyond the number of views they receive matters.

What are you keen to highlight during your session (without giving away too many details)
The different ways the Guardian’s stories have made a difference – from changing the conversation in a particular field, to influencing the decision to release a child from prison. Also, the importance of commissioning stories by journalists based in the country – and ideally who are from the country. And how commissioning is a collaborative process – that often the pitch is just the starting point for a conversation about how best to approach a story.

Why is participating in an event like this important to you?
People are actively switching off from ‘bad news’ so discussing ways to reach people and raise awareness of what is happening in the world is more important than ever. I’m interested to learn what my fellow panelists, and audience members, think about ‘cutting through’ to readers/audiences.