Q&A with OWM Award winner Khorloo Khukhnokhoi

Highlights from our IG Live with OWM Award winner Khorloo Khukhnokhoi, a reporter with Global Press Journal in Orkhon, Mongolia. Khorloo spoke to us about How to report on women’s solutions stories. Khorloo won the One World Media Women’s Solutions Reporting category for her story about forced ‘virginity tests’. Watch the full interview here


You mentioned how you wanted to change the narrative of Mongolia. I can imagine having a story on virginity tests was probably sensitive, so why did you want to tell this and what were some of the challenges?

I was trying my best to be careful because most of the girls I interviewed were teenagers. I needed to protect their identity so I had to film them with the back of their head facing the camera. This was one of the challenges. 

What does winning a One World Media Award mean?

It’s an incredible honour to win this One World Media award. Local reporters like me have access to extremely unique stories because we have access to this community that we are living in. I’m happy that I wrote this piece. I’m really thankful to One World Media for this.

What are some of your next projects?

At the moment, I’m working on two projects. One of them is forced child labor. In Mongolia, it’s common practice to force children to ride horses and pay them a salary. Children lose their lives by riding these horses. The other one I’m working on with fellow journalists from Mongolia is a story about teenage pregnancies, which are at such a high level in Mongolia. Many pregnancies end in abortion. We found the main cause of this is the lack of sexual education in secondary schools. 


*This interview was supported by a translator