Special Award Nominee Spotlight: Bihus.Info

The Bihus.Info team take part in an action outside the Presidential Administration building.


Our awards spotlight series celebrates the incredible work of some of the nominees of the One World Media Awards 2019. With only a few days to go until the ceremony, our final spotlight will focus on the three Special Award nominees. First up is nominee Bihus.Info, a Ukrainian investigative journalism and anti-corruption organisation.


Bihus.Info is nominated for One World Media’s Special Award. This award is unique in that it celebrates an entire independent media organisation that uses media to address social, cultural, political and economic issues, rather than a single piece of media or an individual. Specifically, the Special Award recognises and encourages outstanding reporting that informs the public, provides an outlet for local people’s voices, creates a space for critical information and holds those in power to account.


Bihus.Info is a group of anti-corruption and information projects based in Ukraine, created by public organisations TOM 14 and Stationery HundredTOM 14 uncovers economic corruption, specifically the relationship between economic corruption and societal poverty in the Ukraine, whilst Stationery Hundred gathers and structures open data. With these two organisations as its foundation, Bihus.Info is well-equipped with the necessary tools to effectively find and expose wrongdoing.


Bihus.Info produces one of the most hard-hitting TV programmes in Ukraine, which aims to expose corrupt Ukrainian officials. The team also created ‘Declarations’, an online registry to record financial declarations from officials, used by journalists and media outlets around the country.


Their Push! project provides legal support to assist journalists with investigations and defend cases in courts, and has so far led to the initiation of more than 120 criminal proceedings against corrupt officials and saved 500 million UAH from imminent embezzlement. Each of these projects has become a crucial tool for the development of Ukrainian journalism, demanding greater transparency and accountability from the authorities.


For its brave reporting and noble journalistic values, Bihus.Info has acquired a large following. As one of our jurors said, “Its brave impact is reflected in thousands of volunteers and supporters who enjoy its high-quality productions.”


Investigative journalism is a selfless practice in and of itself. The risks weigh heavily against the possible payoff. Putting one’s life on the line to undermine corruption and promote freedom embodies altruism in its simplest form. Here at One World Media, we value media that not only informs and connects us, but also protects our fundamental human rights. Under an oppressive government, it’s nearly impossible to speak out, to stand up, to challenge or object. Bihus.Info continuously accomplishes this seemingly insurmountable task. And because of this, One World Media not only celebrates the organisation’s fearless reporting, we also strive for it.


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The 2019 One World Media Award winners were announced at a ceremony at BAFTA on Monday 17 June. Hosted by Jon Snow, the 31st Annual Awards celebrated outstanding work from all media platforms and across a wide range of genres.