Stronger Together: Collaborative journalism and the Cartel Project

Tue, 25 May | 3-5pm (BST) | Available Worldwide

In the face of growing threats to journalists all over the world, collaborative investigations offer a solution uniquely resistant to those who would seek to silence the truth.

For this online event, we will be inviting leading investigative journalists to share their insights from reporting on the incomparable, Cartel Project investigation. From where the story originated, to assembling their international team of collaborators and the practicalities of working together, join us for this in depth discussion into the power of collaborative journalism.


Alexandra Heal – Investigative Journalist, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism (Chair)
Sandrine Rigaud – Editor in Chief, Forbidden Stories
Jules Giraudat – Journalist & Filmmaker, Forbidden Stories
Lilia Saúl Rodriguez – Investigative Reporter, OCCRP



More info:

The Cartel Project
Working together across 18 different countries over the course of 10 months, the journalists behind “The Cartel Project” investigated the global networks of Mexican drug cartels and their political connections around the world. 

Forbidden Stories
A global network of investigative journalists whose mission is to continue the work of reporters who are threatened, censored or killed. 

The Bureau of Investigative Journalists
An independent, not-for-profit organisation that tackles big subjects through deep investigation reporting that uncovers the truth.

An investigative reporting platform for a worldwide network of independent media centers and journalists, OCCRP is reinventing investigative journalism as a public good.