Twitter Chats with Nader Ibrahim

Twitter chats | Wed 24 August 2022 | 1pm (BST)

Award-winning investigative journalist and producer with the BBC World Service in London and One World Media Award winner, Nader Ibrahim, is our next guest on OWM Tweets To. Nader has covered conflicts in the Middle East for the BBC News Arabic service since 2013 and investigated multiple war crimes perpetrated by foreign and local forces in Syria and Libya. In August 2022, Nader was on deployment in Ukraine, running investigations with BBC News Ukrainian reporters and travelling with them to a number of Ukrainian cities that have been affected the most by the war.

We’ll be speaking to Nader about the documentary he produced on an investigation into the Russian Wagner group, which won the OWM Television Documentary category in 2022. Follow the conversation on #OWMTweetsToxNaderIbrahim.