Where are they now?

The One World Media Fellowship is inviting applications again to the year-long programme that supports journalists, filmmakers and media producers in the global south telling stories about the global south. Through the Fellowship, storytellers around the world have been mentored to produce pieces of work that have appeared in some of the biggest global media outlets.

We spoke to some of our alumni to find out how the opportunity helped their careers and what they’re doing now.


Gabriela Barzallo | 2022 Fellow |Reporting from Equador

The One World Media Fellowship was a turning point in my career, helping me grow as a global storyteller and expanding my reach and opportunities.

My biggest learning was realising how powerful and necessary our voices are in sharing underreported stories of our communities. Through the Fellowship, I learned how a local story can have a global impact, by contributing to a comprehensive understanding of the world.

Currently, I am working on telling more stories from Latin America in diverse formats, contributing to media outlets such as the BBC, Al Jazeera and The Guardian. I’m working on stories about the environment, women’s rights and the crisis of violence related to organised crime in South America. I have been awarded fellowships to travel to the Galapagos Islands and Brazil to work on a story about wildlife trade and reproductive rights respectively.

Additionally, I am developing my own media venture, LAT Media, a bilingual platform that aims to provide explanatory journalism and insights into issues related to Latin America and U.S.-Latin American relations.

Read Gabriela’s story here.


Ankita Anand | 2020 Fellow| Reporting from India

As a freelancer, The Fellowship was the first time in my career I received such care, guidance, and concern for my safety. I was not used to it but it was very welcome! The fact that we had to fill up a detailed form outlining everything from exit plans to emergency contacts made me feel so supported. This was also the first time I got myself health insurance because it was a requirement of the Fellowship.

This experience made me value and prioritise my own wellbeing more than I did earlier. It also showed me how I could care for other reporters when I joined Unbias the News as an editor, or mentored and supported journalists through other platforms.

At the moment, I’ve just published a story about how European authorities can be more responsible towards members of the Majority World when it comes to corruption and abuse in international sports. As a co-founder of The Gender Beat, my team and I are working to boost gender journalism around the world. And after facilitating a media cohort of international journalists to discuss issues like ethical dilemmas in journalism, we’re now creating a toolkit that will hopefully be useful to other journalists.


Alison Lemeri | 2022 Fellow| Reporting from Uganda

The Fellowship grant was meant to produce one story but it allowed me to cover costs for two stories. I was able to pay towards transport, legal approvals, accommodation.

The Fellowship has completely changed me professionally and socially. I used to think of any community event as a story. I wouldn’t think about the worthiness of my story ideas. I would only focus on writing to publish and be paid. I had a low opinion of feature stories. But today, I’m different. I’m now interested in reporting in-depth climate feature stories with a solution lens.

As next steps, I’d like to exhibit the published work to my story characters and community in Rhino camp and Omugo refugee settlements.

Alison is a refugee journalist. 


Shanta Nepali | 2020 Fellow | Reporting from Nepal

OWM is a great platform to connect with filmmakers, storytellers, and journalists worldwide who are telling stories that matter the most.

Working in a remote part of the world and not having strong global connections is very tough. And it was especially challenging mentally, financially, and emotionally during the pandemic. During this time, I had the chance to be part of the OWM Fellowship, which was an excellent opportunity to connect, share and learn. The OWM team and mentors helped me navigate my story and the career path.

I now have a production house called Shanta Nepali Productions. Currently, I’m working with various international brands and production houses as well as three feature documentaries. One is in production, and two are in late development. I also established The Shanta Foundation to empower marginalised communities, especially women, through storytelling and creative practices. We recently announced a small grant for four women filmmakers to make a short documentary. And we collaborate with local filmmakers, human rights organisations and other film communities to promote more women in film and


Edem Srem | 2020 Fellow | Reporting from Ghana

Through the Fellowship, Edem produced Atewa, a documentary about a protected forest in Ghana.  Three major rivers pass through this region that is threatened by a bauxite mining project authorised by the government.

The One World Media Fellowship has encouraged me to do more in social documentary making. The funding was a great source of support because it helped me to complete my project much sooner than it would have otherwise taken. And I had a great Executive Producer through the programme who was really responsive and helpful.

Edem is now working on a feature length documentary called The 12th Attempt about the twelfth attempt at mining bauxite in the Atewa Forest.